• 10 ways to BETTER deal with conflict

  • How to control your nervous system when you feel stressed

    #160 Tips to combat your stress

  • Crisis Management and How to Handle it

    #146 Crisis, stress, trauma and the workplace

  • The 5 Toughest Challenges for Young People

    #136 Check out my new book

  • When is your child an adult?

    #110 Tools for life

  • Building a Thriving Culture

    #109 Mindset & the skills business leaders need

  • Addiction and the real price we pay!

    #101 Finding balance when things get out of hand

  • Psychological safety in the workplace

    Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or made fun of for speaking up with your ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes...

  • Handling Challenging Kids

    #73 Parenting advice when your kids have trouble at school and at home

  • The benefits of self-promotion for greater success with Elizabeth Bachman

    #60. Elizabeth is a trained opera director and worked with many great singers, including Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

  • 5 Signs your Relationship isn’t Healthy

    One of the most difficult parts of being in an abusive relationship is actually realising you’re in one.

  • Preventing Toxic Work Culture with The Lou Everett Group

    #48. Lou Everett and Sherri McManus, husband and wife team from The Lou Everett Group...

  • Living a Meaningful Life with Karen Chaston

    #40. Karen is a trained Accountant and senior CFO in a large corporate in Australia...

  • The Boy in 7 Billion

    #42. Callie came on to the programme to tell her story and that of her son. Several years ago, she experienced a very traumatic time due to her son’s extremely problematic health issues and cancer diagnosis...

  • How to eliminate overwhelm without losing your success with Maureen Gibbons

    #32. Maureen Gibbons is an emergency physician and athlete. She runs her own business livehappyfirst.com and...

  • Empowering Performance with Karena Calhoun

    #44. Karena and I discuss positive mindset and why we struggle with being ourselves in life. Many of us find it difficult to do this...

  • How to Improve Dating and Relationships with Science

    #29. This week’s guest is international dating coach Lily Walford, who, together with her parter, started Love with Intelligence...

  • 7 Steps to Release and Handle Anxiety with Sherianna Boyle

    #18. Sherianna Boyle shares with me how her experiences have emphasised the importance of understanding, and handling anxiety. She has written 7 books including one on mastering anxiety for young people...

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    PTSD is a serious illness. It’s characterized by symptoms of avoidance and nervous system arousal...

  • Managing Anxiety and how to feel better…

    There are two kinds of anxiety - specific and generalised. Specific anxiety is when there is a distinct cause for concern...

  • Cluttered desk, cluttered house, cluttered life…?

    For many of us the reason we allow ‘stuff’ to build up in our homes is because we feel a sense of security when visibly surrounded by our possessions...