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Welcome to Episode 73 of my podcast, The Executive Edge. My guest this week is Scott Rossignol who is the Principal at a school in the US. EdAdvance is a Regional Education Service Centre and it’s dedicated to supporting children with challenging needs.

Scott has a lot of experience and has recently written a great book, ‘Help from the Principal’s Office’, Parenting advice when your kids have trouble at school and at home.  You can read tips from his book and read more about Scott on his Facebook page here:

What did we discuss?

During the interview we discussed why kids become challenging and why Scott felt that he was a complex child. In reality, there are many factors. These include socio economic variables, how a child is parented and the level of support the parents have. Parenting children has never been easy I feel.  It’s a valuable job that’s often under-estimated. This is why I talk about my experiences both in having children and the various stages of stress in their lives.

Scott and I chatted about four things he feels are important: the nutrition a child gets, the amount of sleep, the level of activity and the level of screen time. It’s an interesting topic and it can be related to how active they get too as screen time can replace the opportunity to run around and simply play.

Scott’s book talks all about how to help children with everything from emotional regulation, to combatting stress. You can get hold of a copy of Scott’s book on Amazon.

Help from the Principal's Office : Parenting Advice When Your Kids Have Trouble in School and at Home