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Welcome to episode 136 recorded by me, Sue Firth. The podcast is an extremely important way to explain what I do and the value I try to offer. So, in this episode we are covering the content of the new downloadable pdf available on my site from Thursday.

My skill and expertise have been developed over 30 years of being a practicing Psychologist. I know I work in business and as such many people might assume I don’t relate to everyday issues necessarily, but I am often asked for my help with young people, and I have two children of my own. Although mine are 23 and 25 now, they have been through a lot and learnt a lot. I credit them with being intelligent and willing to learn but Gina my daughter, has particularly experienced tough times at university, so I asked her to help me write this

Her time there included struggles to find friends, find enough to do to help her from feeling lonely, and inevitably to express herself well when things got tough. She often didn’t tell me about it until quite a lot later so part of what we’re writing here is to help cover difficult topics so that you can read about them and maybe get a few answers.

What do we cover in the podcast and the pdf?

The 5 toughest challenges for young people include the difficulties they inevitably experience with self esteem and confidence. This is a tricky skill for the best of us! Most of us feel troubled at some point in our lives; experience self-doubt and get easily upset by things that are said to us. As such, it’s easy to ‘carry’ these comments and genuinely believe them. But they aren’t facts, they are opinions and it’s important to learn to let go of these. That’s so that they don’t hold you back or prevent you from making positive choices further on in your life

Peer pressure is handled next because so many of us feel the pressure to conform or be as others would want us to be. The rise of social media has made many of our experiences very visual for others to judge and write about too which inevitably becomes daunting. It can also lead to conflict which is why we’ve written some tips on that topic too

Next, we covered relationships particularly romantic ones and the struggles we all have to cope with close friends as well as people we love. Finally, we felt the difficulty of being asked about your future was a trial for many of you and I hope our tips and tools will support you in having a few answers for that

What else will we cover in the future

This pdf is the first in a series we will produce. The topics are being driven by the chapters of a book I started writing but instead we will release a chapter/ month as a downloadable pdf. This is to produce them as standalone offerings because they each cover a useful tool and you might not want to wait until the whole book has been written to get them!

I do hope you find this pdf useful and informative. We’ve tried hard to help. So, take care and I’ll be in touch next month with the new one