Some of the companies we have worked with:

Kumar Gnanakumar, MD Beritazcare

“Sue has been running a Health and Well-being Programme for us for the last 3 years. Beritazcare takes the health of our staff seriously and we want them to feel productive, motivated, and happy. Being a Care Home Manager is a stressful job and people need to feel supported and provided with necessary tools and techniques to stay resilient, so they can balance the pressures of achieving high standards, running a Home well, and avoiding getting overtired or overwhelmed. Through a combination of nutrition advice, emotional and psychological support, Sue, and her team have helped everyone do their best and keep smiling. In addition to the routine programme, it is very handy to have Sue around to deal with unexpected emotional and stressful situations for staff members (e.g.: bereavement, financial issues etc.)”


Jolene Coyle,   Executive Assistant to Shane Donaldson, CEO Pinnacle Home Care, Florida

“I cannot express how much I enjoyed Sue’s “Thriving on Stress & Building Resilience” class.  The worst part of the class was when it ended!  Sue can keep everyone engaged and she is so down to earth and funny!

Sue can bring out and give attention of awareness to your professional and personal life in ways that it comes out so naturally.  I learned so much of myself through reviewing my background and who is in control of my life.

I highly recommend having Sue come out to management teams and help understand how Internals, Externals and Bridges all work together to make a successful company”  Thank you so much!!!!

Peter Jackson, MD Seddon Construction

“Sue first started working with the business 5 years ago when Seddon started its evolution into 4th generation family ownership and management. These were times of transition and change and she ran a series of workshops to establish our new Executive team. Since then we have continued to use Sue to facilitate and develop our Strategic Away Days, sourcing expert speakers, which has allowed us to challenge ourselves as a team and the way we do business.

In that time, our board has grown as both individuals and as a collective. We’ve been on a journey that has seen us become more productive with greater confidence and improving results. This is due, in part, to her support and enthusiasm for what Seddon is trying to achieve and our determination to make it happen.” 

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