By | Published On: August 14, 2021 |

Welcome to Episode 32 of our podcast, The Executive Edge! This week my guest is emergency physician and athlete, Maureen Gibbons. She runs her own business and has written a book called ‘Happy First – How to win life in the moment at Home, the Gym and even in the Kitchen!”

Maureen is a busy person, working nights and often juggling her children with work and the multiple tasks a working mother must do. She’s also a triathlete and cares about her physique, health, and fitness. So, she’s worked out what she needs in order to manage all these demands. That is to be mindful of her nutrition, because she knows it helps her.

What did we discuss?

Jugging multiple things to do in life whether at a Hospital and home, has its similarities to running a business and a home. For this reason she wrote her book. We often chase perfection in life, but she feels that’s a harmful illusion. Instead, it’s better to accept that taking small, regular steps or positive choices, pays off over time. Looking after your health (within reason), and sleep or exercise, puts a discipline in to your lifestyle. It enables you, rather than irritates you. So, this shouldn’t be a chore.

In the past, she’s battled an eating disorder. When we came to talk about perfectionism, she could relate to what that felt like. For her, it’s more about reducing a few small things in your life. These would include unexpected requests to go somewhere, when you know your bandwidth is already stretched. Or, taking out the drama in your life by refusing to get caught up in other people’s stuff too much!

We also covered parenting and how difficult it can sometimes be to feel you’re doing a good job when stretching your time thinly. This can make you feel both work and your children will be receiving less. In truth, it can be a tricky balance for many of us. I described how I had answered this question when in a seminar once. Maureen feels guilty too at times but recognises that your child or children love you. Maybe we have to trust that we’re being the best parent we can be.