A Questionnaire on Stress and identifying your symptoms


This is for your business when you decide to write a policy on stress. Managers benefit a great deal when they are trained to understand what to look for; the symptoms that suggest an individual is stressed and what to do about it. This policy gives an excellent starting point.


A practical guide to Managing People with mental health problems in the workplace


Information about Employee Assistance Programmes

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Stress and

Fawne Hansen is an author and wellness coach specializing in the treatment of chronic stress and adrenal fatigue. Her factsheet on sleep may also be a useful link for you or you can contact her through her website.


Mental Health Awareness
for Remote Workers:

A Practical Guide for Businesses

The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

  • The biggest struggles of remote workers: a 2019 study found that 22% can’t unplug after work, 19% feel lonely, and 8% can’t stay motivated. Blurred boundaries between work and home life and lack of collaboration are also key problems influencing well-being.
  • The importance of creating ‘culture’ in remote teams: how it makes a huge difference to employee happiness and how to build trust and a healthy work environment.
  • What employers and managers can do to look after mental well-being and recognizing mental health struggles amongst remote staff and colleagues.

123 Proven Ways
to Reduce Stress

I have recently received this great resource. It’s a good article with lots of useful tips that can help both with ideas for stress management and information about how cortisol and adrenaline affect us.



the link to this site has a wealth of information


A Light Box

the link to this site has a wealth of information




5HTP or


The Benefits of Exercise

I have always loved running as my preferred sport but as I age I forget to stretch and some of the basics. This is an excellent resource both on the value of running, and what to do to prevent injury. There is even a link on how to lose weight!


Adele Wolstenhulme

FdSc. DipcPNI. DipION. BA(Hons). DipIT Sec Man.

Adele is a clinical Psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) practitioner, nutrition consultant and certified Metabolic Balance coach. She has met the strict criteria required for Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) registration, as recognised by the Department of Health. CNHC is the Professional Standards body for regulation of nutrition practitioners in the UK.

Adele’s approach
Through her practice, Adele is focused on optimising natural health and educating people about lifestyle-related conditions, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and mental health problems arising from stress and anxiety. The most significant insight of Adele’s clinical practice is the fact that most individuals are presenting with complex metabolic and immunologic issues and that personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice has the ability to optimise health, changing people’s lives.

Adele has a keen interest in ‘brain fitness’, with a focus on improving mood, memory and motivation (the 3 M’s) to maximise performance both inside and outside the workplace. Using laboratory testing, including DNA cheek swabs, Adele can provide key insights into how the brain communicates with the rest of the body and what ‘roadblocks’ may be in the way to healthful longevity. Only then can you learn how to safely manoeuvre around these obstacles and be in full control of your own health.

Katie Sheen

Soul Nutrition

Katie’s expertise and relaxed, practical teaching style inspires individuals to have the confidence to enjoy and put into practice the mindfulness techniques in which she specialises. She holds a Masters degree in Education, a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, and is a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

Using a combination of mindfulness, positive psychology and nutritional support techniques to enhance wellness, Katie always ensures that her presentations are packed with relevant ideas to take away. She has led bespoke workshops for corporate clients including Deloitte, Adidas, Barclays, Barclaycard, and Greater Manchester Police. She runs regular events, meditation classes, courses and retreats for the general public, and has presented at conferences to a wide range of audiences, where she enjoys teaching mindfulness designed to support the specific needs of those attending. She has also contributed to a number of magazines and websites, as well as appearing on local radio and BBC Breakfast News.