• Step up – How women can unlock the leader within

    #105 Eradicating the gender gap in the corporate world

  • What are your services really worth?

    #102 Learn to get the price right

  • Psychological safety in the workplace

    Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or made fun of for speaking up with your ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes...

  • The Secret to Finding a Perfect Name for Your Business

    In essence, you have to show your customers that your brand name is a proper definition of who you are as a business and what you aim to achieve.

  • Take your foot off the brake & grow your business

    #99 Stephanie helps women to scale their service-based business, and overcome the mental and physical blocks that get in the way of success...

  • Why your Business is Better with Apps

    Being an entrepreneur is a very demanding job. But there are a few apps that can help an entrepreneur to stay on top of their game...

  • Scaling a business from start-up

    #84 Danae Shell shares the story of Valla – the platform for getting employment issues sorted.

  • How to reflect to avoid burn out!

    #83 Burn out; what it is, and how to prevent it.

  • Achievement, Success and why that’s sometimes not enough!

    #82 An interview with executive and career-life coach Randi Roberts

  • Trusted to Thrive – building trust in your business

    #81 Marie-Claire Ross talks about the importance of trust

  • High Performance and How to Attain it with Sue

    #80 Your mindset impacts behaviour

  • Supporting ‘Adaptive Leaders’ Navigate Constantly changing Landscapes

    #79 Handling the ever-changing work environment

  • Mastering Your Mind Through Emotional Intelligence

    #75 Daniel Tolson explains how emotional intelligence reframes our experiences.

  • Handling Challenging Kids

    #73 Parenting advice when your kids have trouble at school and at home

  • Ten Tips to Improve Internal Communication

    There are many ways to improve how you communicate with your team. Here are ten tips to improve this important facility, and how you can take advantage of them...

  • Aging Vibrantly at 72!

    #71 Ruth Yunker discusses how to age well.

  • Neuroplasticity & the power of thinking differently

    #68 Insight into our brains have to regenerate themselves

  • Neuroplasticity and how experience can shape the brain

    We are all different in life, but how? Our genes, personalities, temperament, culture, circumstances, and experiences, shape us...

  • Effective Content Marketing

    #67 Alison Ver Halen talks about the importance of content marketing

  • Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying

    #66 Nicki Eyre on why businesses need to be proactive and stop bullying in the workplace

  • Sharing your genius with the world

    #64. How could we deliver something "bigger" in our businesses? International speaker, strategist and guide Jeffrey Van Dyk suggests how.