By | Published On: October 5, 2023 |

Welcome to Episode 148

In this week’s episode of The Executive Edge, I am joined by Gerald Leonard, the CEO of two companies, Turnberry Premier (a consulting business) and the Productivity Intelligence Institute (an online training company focused on productivity). The conversation delves into Gerald’s unique perspective on productivity and personal growth.

Gerald shares a powerful personal story of overcoming a severe bout of vertigo that left him unable to walk just six weeks before he was scheduled to deliver a TEDx talk. This had to be daunting! Determined to achieve his goal, he turned to his background in music, as a classical and jazz-trained bassist, to aid in his recovery. Through playing his music and achieving a flow state, Gerald’s brain began to rewire itself he believed, and within three weeks, he walked unassisted into his doctor’s office. He later delivered his TEDx talk despite his condition. This experience highlighted the transformative power of setting goals; a growth mindset, and the ability of the brain to adapt and change. This is something I’ve discussed before in a previous podcast on the neuroplasticity of the brain.

What else do we cover?

Together, we talk about the importance of language and how the way we talk about ourselves, and our abilities, can impact our potential for growth. Our self-talk is important when we emphasise the significance of setting intentions. Practicing mindfulness and reducing stress can optimise productivity and personal development.

Overall, this episode highlights the message that individuals have the capacity to transform themselves, even in the face of challenges and constraints. Gerald and I both believe this is achieved through goal setting, mindset shifts, and self-awareness. His journey from such a physical setback to personal and professional success, serves as a powerful example of the potential within us all. Gerald has also been good enough to generate a welcome page for our listeners and you can find that here.

That’s all for this week! So, stay tuned for the next episode, where we continue to explore cutting-edge topics in business and leadership.