By | Published On: October 19, 2023 |

Welcome to episode 150 with me, Sue Firth

In this week’s episode I explain my reasons for writing my fourth book called Toolkit for Life which comes out today

Instead of releasing this as a whole book I’ve decided to release it chapter by chapter. That’s because each chapter talks about skills or tools.

Why have I done this?

I believe we all need tools in life as these help us navigate difficult situations or phases of change. For example, when we leave home and start living independently, or running our own business, or having children. These are huge changes for us and many of them are positive. But where change is perceived as more of an issue, or we feel overwhelmed, it can get difficult. We can struggle to feel competent and capable, instead getting stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. I feel it’s not always the situation that triggers this but our lack of skill or experience of it before.

So, instead of relying on ourselves, we doubt ourselves, damaging our self-belief and trust in our decisions. Decision making and problem solving is one of the forthcoming chapters. So is the ability to communicate and ask for what we need.

This month though is the first chapter: the power of strong self-esteem. This is the foundation block on which every other skill or tool is built. The better we feel about ourselves, the stronger our confidence and ability to have faith and belief in our judgement.

As you go through life you learn what you are capable of. This learning is essential for maturity and growth. Many of us test this, trying on new things and setting goals. But others can feel vulnerable, uncertain, and lacking in confidence. This belief can build, or it can be damaged it would seem, by what other people say or do. Especially if these people are important in our lives such as teachers, friends, or parents.

But if you can maintain a powerful sense of trust in yourself you can draw on It throughout your life trusting that even difficult situations will pass. That you can cope and that not everything in life is easy. Strong self-esteem helps you work out what you do matters and how you think. It all helps build confidence, belief and conviction in yourself

The first chapter is out today – to get more information, please click on this link