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Welcome to episode 143 with Christie Garcia.

In this episode of The Executive Edge, I am joined by Christie, leadership coach and founder of Mindful Choice Leadership Academy. In this podcast, the concept of ego and its influence on leadership and team dynamics are explored.

The discussion delves into the unconscious behaviours of the ego and its role in sabotaging individuals. Each ego type has its own form of sabotage, with the protector ego often displaying aggressiveness when feeling insecure. We talk about the fascination with ego-free leadership and the opportunity it presents to address unproductive behaviours. Christie also runs an academy to help people manage their ego in their business. She emphasized the importance of self-awareness and recognizing problematic behaviours to understand their impact on others.

What does she go on to say?

We go on to talk about ego management, and how it is shown to have a positive effect on team dynamics, both in business and your personal life. The ego is depicted as a neutral aspect of human behaviour, not inherently good or bad, but self-awareness is vital for harnessing it effectively. Our discussion highlights that ego-driven behaviours are often unconscious, and raising awareness can lead to transformative shifts in behaviour and personal growth.

We address the challenges of providing direct feedback to senior executives who may resist change or lack self-awareness. Success at higher levels can lead to limited exposure to critical feedback, hindering personal growth. However, the challenge of giving direct feedback to senior executives can often be uncomfortable for both parties. Yet, the process of giving and receiving feedback, particularly when there is a mismatch in ego styles, may benefit everyone.

Overall, it is unequivocal that the importance of understanding and managing ego-driven behaviours is valuable. It can lead to significant improvements in both personal and professional behaviour.

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