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Young people who need to get used to secondary school, or sixth form, and older teens who start University are faced with a lot of change. Change can be daunting at any time in our lives but particularly when we meet new situations. It can create anxiety, confusion, and upset but in these blogs, we have some suggestions for you. My own children have followed these and felt it helped them. Feeling equipped to cope is a journey. It’s about taking time, learning tools, and adapting.

Supporting your child in the
transition to secondary school

Moving into secondary school can be daunting for children, and for parents, but it’s a time in a teen’s life when they begin to realise they are no longer young kids and are beginning to develop and change. What comes with this is a need for independence, often accompanied by hormonal changes and a certain amount of stress! In this chapter we give you some tips to help you manage what to do.

Quick Tips for you if you’re
going into Sixth Form

When you move into sixth form life changes radically. Teachers monitor you less, there is more freedom and more expected of you. It’s important to learn to manage your time, study periods and having time off so that you get through these two years having found a balance between friends, work and home life. It can be difficult to get this right but here we try to help you.

Starting a new chapter in your life.
Settling into University

Finding friends, settling in and enjoying this amazing time in your life can be fun but also daunting. Some will make it seem easy, and others might need more help. It’s all part of the process as there is no ‘one way fits all’ but my own children learnt from their experiences and my daughter has helped write this. Her tips are coming from first-hand experience of both her time in Uni and that of her friends.

Easy and affordable ways to make
self-care part of everyday life

At any stage in our lives it helps to adopt healthy habits that encourage regular routines and support our well being. These include how to decompress, relieve stress, and build resilience. This blog can help with some suggestions about how to do this.

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My daughter Georgina Murrin, Psychology research student, and I wrote this together. We hope you will benefit and find it of value.