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It’s great to be recording again as it’s been a few months since I last did so. I’ve chosen this week in particular because this is a landmark episode for us – it’s the 100th episode. Can you believe it?

When Jon Buscall first supported this initiative and helped promote the business for me, he put forward the idea of a podcast. I am a professional speaker by profession, and I realised this was the ideal medium for me. Indeed, I’ve enjoyed meeting so many people. Podcasting is really a great way to get across an idea. Obviously, there can be several ideas in there at one time but usually under a main theme. These ideas in turn, inspire you to think or possibly create something.  Amazingly, from only a few minutes of your time, something very valuable can develop.

I’ve always been a lifelong learner, picking up books easily and digesting concepts that appeal. I don’t choose to read about everything I perhaps should.  But business, people and how to be effective, has always appealed. Currently I’m obsessed with elite performance so this week I’m recording this episode. It’s to see what I can find from our previous guests that supports how someone can perform at the top of their game. I also think it’s important to review what’s needed to sustain that. Another time I’ll record an episode on what high performance looks like for the business

So what does this episode cover:

Amongst the many useful tips I have picked up over the months of podcasting, Sarah Smith from Strateqiq stands out for offering me food for thought. Planning, and learning from your errors along with the desire to re-set the goal you have, made me think at the time. Many of us are reticent to receive feedback, probably from previous experience.  Tough personal circumstances also upset this but tweaking what you are doing or how you’re doing it, can be a good thing

Olivia Carter from Olivia Carter Coaching in episode 39 helped me understand some great tools and something useful she called ‘5 Tokens’ which you’ll hear a

bout and John Hotowka in episode 12 helped me realise a few things. It’s not what’s happened to us, it’s how we feel about it that matters but just being told to ‘think positive’ is a lot more difficult than it seems.

Other people I mention include Daniel Tolson and our chat about Emotional Intelligence, from episode 75, and Dr Delia McCabe in episode 87 when she talked about mental agility.

Much of what I write about and interview people for, is to promote positive wellbeing, good health and the drive and focus to push ourselves forward in life. This is a skill, or maybe a set of skills and it takes practice. You don’t have to get it right first time, or even every time, but picking yourself up and going for it again is part of life and important for elite performers.

I hope you enjoy this episode.