• I’m so proud of this book!

    #150 New book release!

  • The Power of Strong Self-esteem

    #150 New book release!

  • Stealth Bomber Pilot to Leadership Speaker; a journey to Personal & Professional Excellence

    #134 The route to success

  • Psychological safety in the workplace

    Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or made fun of for speaking up with your ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes...

  • Mental Agility and Optimal Function

    #87 How sugar negatively affects your brain

  • Inspiring Habits by Sue Firth

    Today I’d like to cover one of the subjects I have a real connection with. This is habits that I think are either good for you, or desirable - whether in business or in life

  • 6 Tips for the end of 2021 with Sue

    #62. It’s great to come online again and say ‘hi. It’s my custom to do this every now and then and I’m doing so today because I’m recommending a few things prior to the end of the year.

  • Top Tips on Stress Management for Executives

    #53. I am primarily an expert in Stress and have supported Executives both as a professional speaker, and 1:1 adviser, for 30 years.

  • How to live to 100! With Dr Eric Plasker

    #33. Eric runs a business as a successful Chiropractor, author, and podcaster. He has written several books and his website is www.the100yearlifestyle.com...