By | Published On: May 27, 2021 |

Welcome to Episode 33 of The Executive Edge podcast. This week’s guest is Dr Eric Plasker. Eric runs a business as a successful Chiropractor, author, and podcaster. He has written several books and his website is

I began by asking if he felt we could all live to 100 or that we ought to take charge of our lives so that we could live as long as possible? Eric feels that we can all do this and that many of our stumbling blocks to doing so are within our own ability to alter. Among those, many of the modern-day diseases we experience, especially dietary and heart disease. He feels if we could begin to recognise that asking the question “what age do I want to live to?” means we are at least exploring that answer, we could start making more proactive decisions

We’ve been talking about health for several years; what stops us taking better charge of this?

Much of being healthy is about good, versus poor, choices. If we can take a level of responsibility for ourselves and recognise that we owe that to ourselves, and our family, then we start applying a price or cost to that health. Not being healthy is perceived as likely to cost us something because we will lose precious time with loved ones or our team.

Being truly well doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a combination of getting our goals right, our persistence, and wrapping that in a joyful vision of our ideal lifestyle. This brings increased benefits in health, energy, and vitality.

How do we do this?

Our body has an innate intelligence. We know when we’re full, when we’ve eaten the wrong foods, and when we are keeping the promises, we make to ourselves. These things build confidence and self-respect, which in turn, enables us to value our achievements and be driven to achieve further. This is how leaders can become effective leaders. Not just by the decisions they make for the business but by demonstrating the decisions they’re making for themselves.