By | Published On: February 24, 2022 |

Hi everyone and welcome to Episode 69 of my podcast, The Executive Edge. This week is part 2 of a mini series I’ve devised exploring how psychology can be applied to life and work.

In the 1970s, a man called Taibi Kahler looked at how we function and recognised that many of us learn behaviour from what we model and what happens to us. We develop pattern and styles.  These formulate in to habits. Some of these habits are useful to us, but others mean we can make mistakes.  Or, we develop unhelpful traits that can lead to stress.

Why is this relevant?

I’ve recorded the podcast because I like Kahler’s work. He’s observed that many of us have these different drivers but that often they create conflicting behaviour and can become frustrating. There are 5 types and I’m sure you’ll recognise yourself in them when you hear the episode. Some of us strive to ‘Be Perfect’, others to ‘Be Strong’. But with either of these two, when put together they can become an issue. For example, it can be tricky trying to be perfect if you take on too much and the need to be strong means you don’t ask for help!

In this episode I’ve covered the drivers themselves, the strengths you’ll display and the weaknesses. I’ve also included how to ease these or prevent them from getting in your way. You can complete the questionnaire too by using this link:

We all learn from other people so if you recognise your parents, friends, or teachers in the way you behave, don’t be too surprised! The good news though, is that we don’t have to do, be, or think like them. We just need to observe what works for us and what doesn’t, then apply ourselves to a few tips and techniques that change this.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode and find it of value. Check the links below to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.