By | Published On: October 13, 2022 |

Welcome to episode 102 with Oliver Duffy Lee.  Ollie runs a business called The Authority Agency

Having always worked in the world of agencies (marketing/Ads/digital/branding) since leaving university 4 years ago, Ollie started his own business. He called it The Authority Agency.  His business works in two ways.  Their coaching programme helps smaller agencies learn how to grow their marketing and sales aspect of businesses. This is so that there is more time for delivery and service to clients. For larger agencies, they take on their business and marketing agenda running it for them.  Ollie is an expert at getting agency’s clients this way.

So, what does this episode cover?

Ollie explains that the strategies he uses in his business can be applied to all B-to-B businesses or service-based businesses.  For example, there is no reason why a growth strategy he uses for an agency cannot be used for a law firm as well.

The main topic of our conversation revolves around pricing strategy, pricing your services, and having the confidence to do this proportionately. That is in comparison to the level of service you have to offer.  Ollie feels that often the mistake agencies make when pricing too low, is not the price itself but instead the target market.

Every business wants new clients, and the more successful a client is the more money they have to spend.  Ollie feels that the biggest mistake made is when agencies see these high-flying clients that are already very successful, and they assume they don’t need help.  In fact, the likelihood is that they do need help.  In fact, compared to some, they do have the money to pay you!  So, the mistake is not in the pricing but in aiming too low and not approaching these more successful clients. This is often an issue to do with confidence!

Most of the mistakes Ollie sees, are down to agencies not having the confidence to aim higher and go after these more successful clients.  We discuss why this really is.

Do you value your services appropriately?  Do you target your services at ‘comfortable’ clients, or do you have the confidence to push and aim higher at clients that can afford to pay you your true value?

Listen in to this great episode, Ollie had lots of great tips and advice as we delve into the world of how you value yourself and the services that you have to offer.