By | Published On: March 2, 2023 |

Welcome to episode 119 with my guest Evan Tzivanakis

Evan is an award winning accredited executive coach, L&D specialist, management consultant, and online visiting lecturer at the EU Business School, in Switzerland.

 So, what does this episode cover?

Often, as leaders, we think we are getting it right until we realise, we are not!  Evan discusses the biggest flaws or mistakes he feels leaders often make.  An inability to engage with your team is a big problem he feels.  Evan points out that it is important not to engage the whole team collectively, but instead individually, according to their needs. Failing to engage individuals can lead to surprises, such as an employee’s shock resignation for example.  Even the most productive workers could resign if they are not engaged.  Interaction on a personal level helps team members to feel valued and appreciated, encouraging more open communication with leaders and therefore fewer surprises!

We discuss how team building is often misunderstood by leaders and that in fact it is often not the team that needs to bond with each other, but the leader needing to bond with each member. By showing a certain degree of ‘interest’ in team members, and by focusing on not just their needs as an employee, but also their human needs, leaders are showing them they are crucial and valued.

What else did we cover?

Following up regularly with employees is also important.  Evan recommends monthly follow ups, but a good leader should use their intuition.  If they sense something is not right with an employee, they should follow it up immediately and not wait for the monthly meeting or for issues to potentially escalate.

We discuss how cultivating positive business culture and engagement is a work in progress.  It takes time and cannot be achieved overnight.  Culture and leadership go hand in hand.  Leaders should be modelling the behaviour they want to see in the workplace.  Evan doesn’t see this as being a cookie cutter approach to motivating teams where one method fits all.  Rather, he feels leaders should look at where they can have the most impact by having human to human relationships with their members. Identifying and connecting with the stronger members and developing them can in turn help leaders to develop themselves. Communication and human connection are often underestimated!

You can find out more about how Evan works and the services he offers by visiting his website  His book “Leading in VUCA times” will also be available next week from all the usual platforms such as Amazon.  This is an insightful episode and I know you will find it very interesting.  You can hear more of this podcast when it airs on Thursday.