By | Published On: July 6, 2023 |

Welcome to episode 137 with Kim Carpenter.

In this episode, I am joined by a highly knowledgeable and experienced speaker who specializes in talent retention and organizational development. She shares her insights on the importance of developing skills, knowledge, and understanding within an organization. This is as well as questioning and improving current practices.

For her, self-awareness is very important. She emphasizes the need for individuals and businesses to have self-awareness and recognize areas where they may be getting things wrong. Without the awareness of these shortcomings, it becomes difficult to make positive changes and leverage better opportunities.

We also talked about challenging the status quo. Kim encourages business owners and leaders to have the courage to open a dialogue with their teams and question their current approaches to talent retention. She highlights the need to challenge conventional wisdom and explore better ways of engaging and retaining employees.

Hers is what she calls a people-centric approach. She stresses that talent retention is a people issue and should be treated as such. Then she advocates for a more empathetic and supportive approach that values the well-being and contributions of individuals within the organization.

What else did we cover?

Continuous learning and development. Kim and I discuss the importance of ongoing skill development, knowledge enhancement, and learning within the organization. She emphasizes that the onboarding process should be just the beginning and that organizations should invest in continuous learning initiatives to help employees grow and thrive.

She and I also cover the relevance of a customized approach. She explains their approach to working with organizations, which involves initial consultations, questionnaires, and assessments. This is to gather information and tailor interventions. They highlight the significance of developing a customized plan that aligns with the specific needs and challenges of each organization.

I found Kim a fascinating person to talk to and interview, and I do hope you enjoy this week’s episode.