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Welcome to The Executive Edge podcast this week with my guest Ashley Quinto Powell.

Ashley is a sales and revenue consultant. She’s also a keynote and TEDX speaker, author, and start-up founder.  She is a self-professed champion of mums, and a relentless supporter of entrepreneurs and overall fun person to follow!

In 2021 Ashley launched after she recognised that a lot of women disappearing from the workplace represented an untapped opportunity in the remote labour pool. The business matches that pool of VAs with an ever-expanding, omni-industry clientele who need extra support. This is provided remotely.

 So, what does this episode cover?

Ashley is passionate about women in business “having it all without doing it all.”  We discuss the idea of the cultural expectation women have of doing everything and how this often leads to women taking on a lot more. They do this both physically and mentally

The choice for a businesswoman to become a mother can be tricky too. It can lead to career stagnation if a woman feels her career should be put on hold until children start school or later.  The idea of this seems so outdated now given how much the world has evolved.  However, the logistics of having a career as a woman and being a mum at the same time, seems to be very limiting.

What do we need to do?

We talk about how important it is to have a supportive partner and how this alone can make a huge difference in managing home and work life together.  For those without help from a partner, it is so important to ask for help.  We unpack how asking for that help can be difficult.  It can be embarrassing to get hired help at home as women may feel judged.  But often, it is the only strategy available to enable work commitments and aspirations to be met whilst also parenting.

Getting help with jobs in the home or with the children (whether it’s through sharing the responsibility with your partner of through hired help) frees up time for women to decide where they want to go with their career.  Successful partnership and communication at home goes a long way to finding this work-life balance.

Ashley believes that when men are encouraged to take on a more active parental role, this makes it less of a ‘women’s issue.’  To balance life and work, women need to recognise what they can delegate and what they can’t though.  She feels it’s sometimes as simple as deciding that the things that bring you joy and fulfilment should not be delegated.  But, those things that don’t bring you joy, should be!

Links & more

You can find out more about Ashley and the services she offers by visiting her website.

Ashley’s book “Executive Motherhood” is also available from Amazon.