By | Published On: September 2, 2021 |

Welcome to episode 47 of The Executive Edge. This week’s guest is Tom Kereszti.

I asked Tom on to the podcast to explain his book C-Suite and Beyond, the 4 keys to leadership success. I’ve always been very interested in what we need to do to become successful and being a strong, capable leader is among the top aspirational skills. I find myself discussing this a lot with my clients. Many of them feel they do some things well but other things less well.  Whilst this should be ok, in reality they’re often concerned they may let people down.

Tom’s expertise and coaching concentrates on helping people realise their ‘sweet spot’ is the cross-over between 3 concentric circles. these are about identifying who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re good at. Recognising this, is the first and most valuable step, he feels.

He also believes coaching shouldn’t be a one-off thing and that becoming a better leader is about developing a ‘continuous learning’ mindset. Reading will always help, and I recommend books regularly.  Plus, I read a lot of business books myself. However, I also believe we don’t know everything in life and there’s often a lot to be gained by talking things through with someone. Their perspective and expertise often provide you with a different direction to take.

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