By | Published On: December 17, 2020 |

This week’s guest is Charlie Marsden, who runs a business called Proverb Media.  With a background in music, Charlie has always been interested in technology and music tech. He works hard to understand the kit he uses, and audio and video are his core areas of expertise.

What does he think we all need to do?

Video is something we’re all encouraged to use now, but producing something that is really good quality, helps with your brand. It also helps you connect with your audience introducing ‘calls to action’ at the end of a video for example. Or, editing out errors during an audio recording.

Charlie feels strongly about helping clients connect well and consistently over time, which he recommends we all take more seriously in an effort to distinguish ourselves.

Camera work isn’t always easy!

Talking to camera, isn’t easy for all of us though. Having a discussion in everyday life is normal, and our interaction relies on ‘seeing’ a client or person, and how they respond. We all use verbal cues as our guide. It helps us know when to stop, pause or when to start speaking. Talking to camera though, doesn’t have this luxury. So, we need to get comfortable and more natural to appear relaxed.

Charlie practiced a lot when completing different projects at Uni and as a musician, so he takes time to encourage clients he works with to adopt the tips he offers.

What else is important?

Attention spans are also shorter he feels. We’re all multi-tasking and enjoy multiple things that are open or accessible. Longer content is an issue if it takes too long to explain what it’s about and what people will get if they listen. We also feel more able to switch something off if needed. This may seem impersonal but it’s normal now. We don’t feel a personal connection to people even if they’ve made a big effort to promote something.

If the content is valuable though, chances are we will come back to listen to the rest.