By | Published On: May 22, 2015 |

heart health study has revealed that women who took only one vacation in six years are eight times more susceptible to coronary heart diseases, than those who took at least two each year. As far as men are concerned, those who didn’t take vacations had a 32 percent more chance of dying from a heart attack.

Active and Relaxing

Make sure your vacation includes relaxation but also an active component. Mountain climbing, trekking, or riding relieves stress as effectively as sitting on the beach, roasting meat over a campfire or fishing. As a result of an active trip, your performance at work will be improved and your motivation levels will surge.

No matter how rewarding you find your job, at the end of the day you still need time for relaxation and play. That is where travelling comes in. Apart from having fun, when you get back to work you can experience the feeling of a fresh start, just like your first day at work.



An important aspect of every stress-relieving trip is freedom. You don’t need any schedules, alarm clocks or timetables. Do things by your personal clock and whim. The whole purpose of a vacation is getting away from daily tasks and chores.

If you have to bring the cell phone, turn it down, or leave it in your room and only check for messages if you have to in the evening. The time spent on a vacation will significantly improve your sleep, as this study has proven.

Springs of Health

One specifically effective type of vacation is spending a week or two at a health resort. These places of relaxation and healthy lifestyle are nestled in an eco-friendly environment, far from the downtown rush. Aside from spending quality time in nature, sometimes simple and seemingly naïve activities like going for a stroll on a forest path or playing with your pet on a freshly mown meadow will do you more good than you can imagine.

After a playful day in the sunshine you can enjoy a long steamy bath with candles, while the fragrances of the night air make all the stress burn out, together with tiredness.

Apart from relieving work-related stress, vacations are proven to boost productivity and improve your health. It’s never too early nor too late to make vacation requests from your employer. After all, everyone will benefit as a result.