By | Published On: February 3, 2022 |

Welcome to episode 66 of my podcast, The Executive Edge with Nicki Eyre.

Nicki has run her business for a number of years in which she feels passionately that companies need to better understand how to prevent workplace bullying. It begins, she feels, with behaviours in the workplace and how people treat each other. She had a successful career in a senior post, but it took her time to admit to herself that she was being bullied.

She felt she was good at what she did and couldn’t see how or why this was happening. So, the tendency was to ignore it or put up with it. In hindsight she tried to keep her job and feel more worthy, therefore took to working harder. But the behaviour of the other individual wore her down.

She had to ‘step up and say something’ but this step is the recognition of that pivotal moment. This is hard enough, but it’s also when the process many people have to go through, adds to the trauma.

What did we discuss?

She struggled to feel believed and thought she would be treated well. Also, she hoped it would resolve the situation. For her, things went from bad to worse.

This is not uncommon, and she now works hard to ensure people feel better guided both in avoiding this situation and in knowing what to do at the time. So much of this kind of insidious behaviour is difficult to prove and requires super human courage!

In this episode Nicki tells her story and gives some very useful guidance and tips.