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Welcome to episode 120 with my guest Tom Schwab.

Tom runs Interview Valet a platform that matches businesses with the right podcasts so they can turn listeners into customers.  Interview Valet is the most trusted partner in the industry and the leader in Podcast Interview Marketing (PIM). They help businesses leverage targeted podcast interviews to talk directly to ideal customers. Podcast guest appearances are a cost-effective, fast, and scalable way to reach a business’s ideal prospects.

So, what does this episode cover?

Tom believes that marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer.  We discuss why Tom still believes that conversation is the best marketing tool out there, even better than social media.  Small, impulse buys may well be generated by online ads, but when looking for a consultant or business partner for example, it is highly unlikely that anyone will hire someone because they see them on an online ad.  It is conversation that will truly sell someone to you when you’re looking to hire.

We can all share knowledge and expertise that can help others, we all have something to offer.  Conversation allows us to promote what we have to offer, but also provide food for thought to listeners.  The idea that listeners hear something that really resonates with them is positive. This can encourage them to think about it even after the conversation and it’s what makes the difference he feels.

What else does he think?

We go on to discuss the value of podcasting and the differences in being a guest over being the host.  Tom suggests that as a host or guest you have different goals.  As a host a platform provides a great way to nurture current customers, but to get new exposure.  He also points out that hosting a podcast is a lot more work than being a guest in terms of time commitment and behind the scenes editing and promotion.  As a guest you simply turn up and speak and leave the hard work to the host.  As a guest there is a lot more return on investment in comparison to being the host.

We talk about the value of podcasting as part of your marketing budget.  In terms of content a podcast is valuable in so many ways when repurposed.  Blogs can be created from the transcript and further reels and clips can be used to promote online.  We also discuss how technology especially AI has the potential to lead to generic posts and blogs. It’s real people with real thoughts, and real opinions that generate interest

Tom believes that selling does not work on podcast interviews.  He refers to the best tweet he has ever read by an entrepreneur called Rand Fishkin.  Rand said that “the best way to sell something is not to sell anything, but to earn the respect, awareness, and trust of those who might buy.”  That is what Tom believes you really need to do with a podcast. It is through clear, open, and honest conversation you can attract ideal customers

You can find out more about Tom through visiting his LinkedIn page  or by visiting Interview Valet.  His book “The Mastermind Blueprint” is also available on Amazon.  This is a great episode and I know you will find it very interesting.  You can hear more of this podcast when it airs on Thursday.