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Welcome to episode 178 of my podcast The Executive Edge with Kapil Kulshreshtha.

Kapil is a TEDx speaker, author, and coach. He passionately believes that anyone can find greater purpose in their life then live a happier life with time, effort, and guidance. His approach is based on his own experience which he talks about in this episode. He worked for Microsoft in the past and expected life to be good. But he didn’t feel he was doing well when he got fired!

He reached out for input from Cognisant, a coaching company and went to Australia to build their business there but lost out with an amazing opportunity for promotion. To me, it shows he’s very normal! But at that point he felt overweight, unhappy, and as if he was losing his sense of direction. With help, he pushed himself to lose the weight and direct his energies better. Reaching out for help has become one of his core principles as is recognising how he thinks and feels is important because it helps him be ok with himself. At that point he began his own coaching career running scintillate coaching.

What did this teach him?

His background story describes how he turned his life around and now helps others do the same. I was fascinated by this because we can all find life hard at times but it’s what we do about that, which really matters.

play-it-full-book-kapil-kulshreshthaHis process and the book ‘Play it full’ helps corporate professionals, the majority of whom are in the IT industry, to build a plan. This breaks down in to 5 ‘C’s. He helps them become CEO of their life, develop Clarity of what they are amazing at. This helps them gain Confidence that there is nothing that can hold them back, get Certainty that there is a life of abundance for them and develop Courage to take actions towards their dreams.

Kapil has not found life easy and for success to come automatically. He didn’t believe in himself and that was ingrained from everything he’d been told and been through. But, he made a choice to stop comparing his success to others, believe in himself better and push to achieve what he wanted.

Asking for help isn’t a negative thing to do. He now lives the ethos of his book – Play It Full and offers other people the kind of help that has made a difference to him.

You can find more information on Kapil and his coaching both on his website and on Linkedin.

His book is still available on Amazon although he has offered that if you write to him at, he will be glad to let you have an eBook copy for free in return for signing up to his database. Sounds like a good plan to me!