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Welcome to episode 175 of The Executive Edge with Ajay Malik.

Ajay has been an expert in AI for many years and worked for various companies including Motorola and Google. He believes it isn’t a big surprise or scary but it’s all about data! It helps us if we let it because data is more predictive, and it does better than us as we make errors.


As humans we can see several parameters, but AI can see patterns in hundreds of processes at once, so if we set out to apply it, we can benefit in amazing ways. Ajay’s background has always been in innovation but only really went into computers and technology because his father encouraged him. He’s never looked back as he principally enjoys maths and at its core, AI is mathematical.

I asked him what examples he had of successful applications of AI so far

His reply was that we have been using it for a long time. Maybe without knowing. It is just a tool to do better. Cruise control in a car for example, is something he calls ‘intelligent augmentation’. His company and team have designed multiple apps and uses for it. One of his clients was paying a hefty sum to an external company when with AI they were able to process large volumes of ticket sales with the automation process new software achieved. Other examples include textile companies with hundreds of machines and when one would go wrong the thread would get caught but no-one noticed because of the volume of machines they were monitoring. Ajay’s team put in cameras with sensors to pick up changes and they were able to alert a team much earlier. Hence the factory improved its production, and the profits were higher.

He believes everyone  should have an AI virtual assistant. This is a significant benefit. As is a business that uses hundreds of paper receipts. Inputting these to an AI driven software now handles these easily. It’s next generation software and from its assessment you can even get guidance or data that tells you quickly how well the business is doing.

Google search is one of the biggest applications of this software and it helps us because it can answer so many questions. AI analysis is prompting our questions and our answers he feels.

Ajay offers a free and short meeting with him by filling out his contact form and you can ask him for guidance or support regarding any issue you have. Diary management would be simpler; account handling, or in my case I use an AI software as dictation on my computer and another for helping me draft notes whenever I need. The speed is the attraction!

I found talking to Ajay to be hugely informative and entertaining too. You can find him and his team at Secondmind.AI or his LinkedIn profile is here