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Welcome to episode 172 of The Executive Edge with Evan Marks

Evan MarksThis is a podcast focusing on life and business skills. Evan is a distinguished performance coach with a background in Wall Street. He shares his 23-year experience on Wall Street highlighting the intense and competitive environment.

In this interview he mentions the significance of mental performance in such a high-pressure setting.


Evan discusses how the mental aspect influences trading more than market conditions. Then he describes the rapid emotional fluctuations traders experience and the necessity of mastering mental resilience as a result

Why was this important?

Evan explains the necessity for traders to maintain a resilient mindset throughout the day because of the toll trading had on physical and mental health. This was often due to the constant pursuit of adrenaline and dopamine, something many of them no doubt took for granted. However, the pursuit of intense and often demanding goals, can have an impact on your health.

Evan emphasizes the importance of preserving mental capital and understanding one’s resistances. He discusses the role of coaching in leveraging strengths and overcoming mental barriers as this helps optimize performance.

He goes on to explore the challenge of optimizing performance amidst stress and chemical influences which is not only the environment he worked in but is frequently the one where he finds himself guiding people now.

Then he acknowledges the need for coaching support in navigating these complexities. Evan highlights the significance of emotional awareness and consciousness in improving performance. Then he emphasizes something he calls the ‘ripple effect’ of even a small increase in consciousness.

Overall, the episode delves into the intricate relationship between mental resilience, emotional awareness, and optimal performance, drawing from Evan’s extensive experience in Wall Street and coaching.

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