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How to effectively Increase Traffic to your Website

Welcome to episode 94 of my podcast The Executive Edge with Brandon Leibowitz.

Brandon runs a digital marketing company called SEO Optimizers that focuses on helping both small and medium-sized businesses get more online traffic. This in turn increases clients, sales, leads etc. Brandon uses a variety of methods such as social media, email marketing and running paid adverts. But he mainly focuses on search engine optimisation (SEO), to increase traffic to clients’ websites.

Brandon’s background is in marketing, and he uses his knowledge to help people beat the online competition. We discussed how this may look for most people. Brandon suggests this depends on the targets you have for your site, and you have to look at what they’re doing compared to you. Consider looking at keywords on their website and comparing them to those that you are using. Clickable links which are websites that point to yours can be useful too. If you look in the right places other websites are often transparent, and you can see everything they are doing to be successful. Optimising traffic to your website can come down to looking at the top site on google and figuring out how much SEO have they done and how can you do a better job!

What else did we discuss?

The reason we should aim to be at the top of Google search may seem simple, but it means we receive optimal traffic to the site. When people search for a product or service you want to be the first they come across. This may not necessarily be just Google it could be amazon, yelp etc. they all have their own value. SEO is not just for search engines. It increases the visibility of the product or service that you provide. Brandon suggests that SEO takes time with help from someone like himself. Therefore, you can vastly increase your website traffic at a fraction of the cost of paid adverts.

If your audience isn’t on a search engine like Google then it’s important to figure out where they might be. They may be somewhere else such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. The number one aim is to step back and put yourself in the user’s shoes to figure out what they need or do. Capturing this free traffic is the key to really growing your business.

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