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Welcome to episode 135, with Dr Elizabeth Douglas

Elizabeth is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional in the field of divorce and family law. She is an expert in helping couples navigate the complexities of divorce and providing guidance on effective communication and conflict resolution within relationships.

With her extensive expertise, she shares valuable insights on how to prevent divorce by establishing healthy communication habits and setting clear expectations in relationships. Her approach emphasizes the importance of transparency, planning, and mediation as alternatives to contentious divorce proceedings.

What did we discuss


Her key message is that effective communication, transparency, and early identification of expectations and communication styles, are essential. This is as a preventative action to avoid reaching the point of divorce. She emphasizes the importance of planning and discussing important aspects of the relationship. For example, the division of responsibilities and conflict resolution. This is to foster longevity and understanding. The guest also highlights the value of mediation as an amicable and cost-effective option for couples seeking to navigate the divorce process. Additionally, she acknowledges the emotional challenges of divorce and the need to prioritize children’s well-being by providing a stable and normalized environment.

Other points we made included: –

Early identification of love languages in a relationship, as it’s crucial for its longevity and success. Common issues that lead to divorce are financial disputes, infidelity (often stemming from communication breakdowns), and a lack of understanding between partners.

I added that relationships require effort and understanding, and it is essential to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses and be transparent with a partner. The breakdown of communication can lead to resentments, escalating conflicts, and point scoring. This ultimately contributes to the breakdown of the relationship.

Mediation is presented as a viable option for couples seeking an amicable and cost-effective approach to divorce. It allows couples to work together, with the assistance of a mediator, to address questions related to asset division, child custody, and support.

The suitability of mediation depends on the couple’s ability to communicate effectively and their willingness to reach resolutions in a civil and amicable manner.

I added that my personal experience of going through a divorce highlighted the importance of not involving children in the process. Instead, I prioritized their well-being and created a stable environment for them.  We also cover the emotional toll of divorce, changes in expectations, and the impact on children’s perceptions of relationships

Dr Douglas was a fascinating guest and a very compassionate person. It’s a tough subject and a tough process to go through but it doesn’t have to be done alone. I hope you enjoy this episode