By | Published On: February 10, 2022 |

 Welcome to episode 67 of my podcast, The Executive Edge with Alison Ver Halen

Alison was a great guest who covered off why content marketing is of value to any business, and how we can all benefit from getting to grips with it. She has managed this for many clients after ‘falling’ in to it as she says.

She found herself between jobs and her roommate’s father was an Attorney. He offered to give her a job. She joined the company and wrote for him. He recommended her to other friends and clients and before she knew it, she couldn’t do it alone anymore. She has grown the business successfully and comes on the show to tell us more about it.

What did we discuss?

Alison feels content marketing isn’t just about writing though. It’s about raising your brand, getting out key messages, leading people through your sales funnel, so getting it right really helps!

Much of the time people use her because they recognise, they’re not as good at it as she could be. It’s time consuming to write things and although people may know the value of it, their time is better used on revenue producing activities or doing what they’re best at. She can do marketing research, identify good subjects to write about and enhance the messaging as a result