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Welcome to episode 89 of my podcast The Executive Edge with this week’s guest Tracy Beavers

Tracy has more than twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing and as the owner of three businesses, she understands the rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur. She loves sales, networking and enjoys helping other people build their businesses.

What did we talk about?

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Tracy had corporate careers that spanned several industries. These included insurance, lending, real estate, and sales. Throughout every career, one fact remained constant: her love of people and her passion to help them win. Her ability to build relationships with others and listen to their needs is the bedrock of her success.

One of the things we discussed was how to help someone take their business forward. Sometimes, Tracy admitted this isn’t simple. Each individual is different but often their desires, focus and plan, may look in to the future but the present isn’t working well.  For example, the people in the business may not be right, or doing the right jobs.  This can be an ideal first step to begin. Otherwise, all that will happen is a desire to grow will be hijacked by current issues all the time.

What else did we cover?

She and I also recognised the process of building your business relies on the ability to sell your product or service. Often if the business is small, this can be sabotaged by the reluctance of the Director to price their product or service correctly. Or, when the pivotal moment to close the deal comes, they struggle asking for the deal. This is very common and pretty understandable.  Many of us worry about whether we’re worth the money we’re asking.

But what if you were worth that and more? Would you kick yourself for underselling? This is the kind of dilemma we all face but it helps a lot to get input and advice for it.

You can find out more about Tracy from her website.

Also, check out Tracy’s free training programme “Selling Without Selling“. It’s designed to help you ditch the doubt about selling and overcome your sales roadblocks once and for all.