By | Published On: June 17, 2021 |

Welcome to Episode 36 of The Executive Edge podcast. This week’s guest is Katherine Eitel Belt. Katherine runs a business called Lionspeak and has a background in dentistry as a Practice Manager Consultant. In latter years, she has developed a process she calls ‘The Lioness Principle’ which encourages people to apply tools to their communication process.

Typically, people in all types of business, can benefit from the coaching she offers because good communication is so vital. I often find when I am working with business, that someone in the team doesn’t ‘get’ what they are supposed to be doing. This happens either because they don’t understand or need further clarity. It can also need a mindset shift she feels. Whilst it’s vital to be who you really are, whether funny, sarcastic, or nice, the message you deliver is important. Many of us under-estimate the impact of what we say or look at situations only through our own eye. Reframing this so that you alter your mindset is a good first set she feels.

What else does she feel?

Knowing what you want to achieve, is the next step, so that you come from a point you agree on before you start. Trying to look for common ground rather than reasons to feel defensive, is valuable. Time taken digging for this before you approach, can often make a vital decision to the emotions you’re feeling. It is a fundamentally different way of looking at things.

The strategy benefits us all when it comes from the top. Communicating well is often best led from the top. If leaders don’t handle conflict or allow difficulties to simmer amongst team members, then this can be copied lower down in the business.

Katherine feels everyone benefits from understanding this and learning these skills. In fact, she’s concerned young people are going out in to the world of work ill-equipped for the struggles that are part of everyday working life. Not taking things personally and feeling able to really ‘hear’ someone is also a great place to start.