By | Published On: May 26, 2022 |

Welcome to Episode 82 of my podcast with Randi Roberts.

Randi MBA, PCC, is the President of Corlin Roberts Coaching, LLC and founder of the Fulfilling Career, Happy Life community. Randi is an Executive and Career-Life Coach, helping people love their work as they achieve their career goals.

She has seen too many people develop solid career plans, put in tremendous effort over many years at significant sacrifice, then achieve their goal only to find that it may not be as satisfying as they hoped. The work her clients do with Randi allows them to explore new possibilities, assess their framework against who they are and want to be, and find what truly fits.

Before becoming a certified coach, Randi had a very successful 30+ year career as a Pharmaceutical Executive, working for both large companies and a small start-up. She has also founded two of her own businesses.

What did we discuss?

During the episode I wanted to explore why we push ourselves so hard.  Often we achieve what we most want and yet end up dissatisfied. Randi believed this might be for two reasons.  The first can be self-image, and the set of expectations we have about who we feel we are. In discovering this over our lifetime, we formulate a sense of what we want.  But, we also may realise that what we want to be, see, or do, may be something bigger. This can ‘set us up’ to continually push and achieve things, even when we have the evidence that we’ve already done a lot!

The second reason can be pushing ourselves because we don’t realise, we’re not really doing it for ourselves. In this sense it isn’t about the business we’re in so much as what we’re trying to prove. I have come across this too in my capacity as a performance coach and expert in stress. Someone can come and see me to work out why they’re so driven and never satisfied, but then realise it’s one of their parents who set them on this path.

You can find out more about Randi from her website and on LinkedIn.