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Welcome to episode 45 of The Executive Edge with Laura Miller who runs

Laura became a computer engineer and worked with someone there she felt helped shape her career. Having a Mentor like that, gave her direction, guidance, and advice. Then, when she could, she started her own business. Her parents were in Healthcare and although that hadn’t occurred to Laura initially, she started designing tech solutions to healthcare issues. Problems such as recording patients’ details, ensuring people paid up, and using templates to store information, were issues they struggled with.

Laura and her team now problem solve what is needed whenever they receive an enquiry, and design something that works. Whenever they can’t do this easily, they still try to help, and this gives them a good name she feels. It has created a USP for them.

Laura began to do really well and soon took on her first employee, growing the business to 30 consultants she has today. This has been 15 years in the making and ‘Temp Dev’ (which stands for temporary and development), has grown an ethos and culture that is entirely remote and online.

Why do it this way?

Laura felt that if she kept it remote and therefore worked with people online, she could recruit them from anywhere in the country. This suited the fact that the issues are very much the same everywhere in the US as the healthcare system is complicated there.

What are the problems?

It hasn’t all been easy. During Covid many businesses stopped working and Dr’s surgeries closed. So, the issues changed. Laura found herself facing the most challenging time of her life; being at home trying to work, but with a 3-year-old! I know that many of us can relate to this. She shares her experiences on this podcast episode.

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