Taking the Stress Out of Leadership (Downloadable e-book)


Stress is normal and we all experience it, yet just because we have it doesn’t mean we should drown in it! Living well, with balance and optimal living, is within your reach no matter how hard you work, or at what level. Yet to achieve the ‘living well’ status you first need to understand what stress is, and then learn how to handle it so that it supports you, rather than working against you. Modern day living, and the myriad demands encourage us to push ourselves hard. Sometimes we can feel tired all the time and Executives in particular, tend to push themselves harder to meet the demands, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Living a good life both for yourself and for your family, is not about what you ‘should’ or ‘ought’ to do, this book is about what you ‘can’ and ‘want’ to do, FOR YOU!





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