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Welcome to episode 63 of my podcast, The Executive Edge. This week’s guest is Kathleen Healy.

I asked Kathleen on to the show because I know how typical it is that we start January feeling fed up when we’ve over indulged over Christmas. Or, we decide to follow one more round of New Year’s resolutions.

It isn’t that we’re not committed, I believe in setting goals at any time of year, but when it comes to dieting, the whole concept feels fraught with stress. Firstly, in no other context of our lives do we refer to ‘losing’ something as a good thing! Secondly, good nutrition is so much healthier for us psychologically than confining our eating habits to the idea of a diet. Dieting is by its nature restrictive, and this feels intuitively hard and often we don’t keep to it. Then we feel bad about ourselves and the whole cycle starts again.

Kathleen is very familiar with this roundabout having done it herself many times. She tells the story of how she decided to stop after filling her trolley with another load of supplements in the hope they would help her drop the pounds. Instead, she chose to eat well and go on a journey which she’ll tell you about.

What does Kathleen believe?

Her journey including understanding what she needed and keeping a diary of what she wanted to eat, and when. This is so that she played to her strengths and ate at a time that suited her, not when we are ‘told’ to eat.

I found the interview very useful and interesting.

Kathleen’s bio is below:

At KCH Holistic Health I am committed to providing the highest level of service and best possible outcomes for my clients. I take the time to develop a close relationship and understand each client’s unique wellness needs. I pride myself on prompt, clear, and efficient communication, support and accountability tailored to each individual. I am always striving to deliver personalized, practical solutions to my client’s health issues. I have years of experience in providing exceptional health coaching to individuals. I offer sustainable yet cutting edge strategies that include all areas of wellness including recipes, workouts, mindset, nutrition and much more!

She also has a great drink she credits with energising her health and sustaining positive well-being. You can find out more about that here.