By | Published On: August 14, 2021 |

Welcome to Episode 43 of The Executive Edge. This week’s guest is Dr Troy Hall.

Dr Troy is a talent retention expert and his studies have led him to write a book about Cohesion Culture.

In this podcast episode he explains why he feels generating a cohesive culture is important and adds value to a business. His PHD in Global Entrepreneurship has led him to speaking in many parts of the US and the world. He believes there are 3 fundamental issues to consider: a sense of belonging, feeling valued and a shared mutual commitment.

Why do these matter?

Dr Troy covered the behaviours we can look out for in a business and how these correlates with engagement and cohesion. When people feel they fit in a company they tend to greet others with enthusiasm. People feeling able to laugh indicates they feel valued and are making a contribution. Affirmations, handshakes, and compliments, can indicate a shared mutual commitment. They also go a long way to support a positive experience of working in that business.

Another issue we discussed was how employees value knowing about what their future can be in a company.  63% of all employees seek growth and advancement he feels. If we don’t get this right, we lose people and that costs money to rectify.

So much of talent retention feels feasible when listening to Dr Troy. I’m sure you’ll feel as inspired as I did to try for a purposeful business that appreciates your people. It certainly seems to pay off

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