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Welcome to episode 128 with Le-an Lai

Le-an started working from home at the age of 15, doing various tasks such as ghost-writing, graphic design, and marketing work

After experiencing a near-death typhoon, she realized that she did not want to follow the traditional Asian path of becoming a lawyer and working overseas like her parents.

She made a vow to herself that if she survived, she would pursue her passion of writing and find a job online.

Le-an Lai dropped out of college six months later to pursue her passion. Her willingness to say ‘yes’ to most requests made of her and her drive to learn, helped her take on new projects regularly. From this she learnt a variety of skills and has developed a business system she now encourages her clients to adopt. This has helped her achieve greater happiness and fulfilment in life.

What did she find herself doing?

Amongst the various achievements she has self-published her own book at 18 years old, before it became a trend. She then found a job at a publishing company because they knew how to upload books. Eventually, she was offered the opportunity to become the CEO of the company, which she ran for three years and automated enough to take a month off without things falling apart.

Her business 2xYou now revolves around teaching virtual assistants who work from home. They do everything for a business from email and diary management to marketing and online social media. This makes each assistant highly skilled and super useful!

She also has a thriving YouTube channel where she posts regularly and adopts the use of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools. There are so many uses for this software and Le-an has looked into many of them, making it easy to learn as you follow her short videos.

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