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Welcome to episode 21 of The Executive Edge with Tracy Lamourie. Tracy runs her own business as a Publicist and feels strongly that businesses of all sizes can benefit from understanding what a Publicist can do for them.

I invited Tracy on the show so that she can explain how she became interested in becoming a public relations expert. She went in to media after doing college radio. Tracy then became an advocate for someone on death row, and campaigned for his release. She loved her job and recognised that she had marketable skills, so she has since turned this skill in to a business.

How do you use a Publicist?

Someone with this type of skill elevates your key messages and finds media opportunities to promote what you do. This is both as a person and as a brand. PR plays a vital role because the media are a good way to push your message out, but it needs to be in the right way. The wrong way tends to take risks with your messaging, possibly missing the point, or using your budget but not achieving much. We all value advertising, marketing and publishing but we might miss the point that the person who helps us best is a Publicist. They find the right media to promote you.

Big business takes PR for granted and tend to invest in it without question. But smaller businesses tend to overlook the benefits of this. These days it’s about building your brand and taking your resume to the public. A publicist knows who to talk to, how to do it well and takes the pressure of it away from you. They go ‘hunting’ for the right periodicals, television opportunities, radio or speaking gigs. That way you get noticed. It isn’t enough to assume what is ‘out there’ about you is enough to generate revenue.

So, how is Public Relations different from Marketing?

Marketing is needed within a business. Marketing is selling your product, but public relations promote the person at the top who is part of the brand. The Chief Executive becomes an authority about their product or service. Their thought leadership converts to the bottom line with the help of a Publicist because media interest brings in more business. It might also bring in investors or the possibility of a sale in the future. It’s part of how a brand is valued. Tracy has numerous examples of how this has happened through the work she does. She’s keen to get across her message that knowing what you want to say about yourself, or your business, doesn’t mean you have the best ideas about how to do that.

Getting you noticed helps to take the brand more seriously too. It’s like a form of endorsement for your brand or company. It increases your popularity and makes you desirable. The more desirable your business, the more people want to do business with you or buy from you.

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