Welcome to episode 58 of my podcast, The Executive Edge with Elizabeth Wright from Admin & More

Elizabeth started her VA business in 2016. Only 5 years later she developed a small team and moved in to offices to separate business and her personal life

Elizabeth always knew she wanted to do that and worked hard to set goals for herself that both motivated and encouraged her. She shares her experiences of the trials and tribulations of what it’s like to start your own business, and how great that freedom can feel at first. The trouble is, many of us don’t realise the effort involved to market ourselves, and then network. We often have to master our own admin, accounts and build a team too. So, things can get daunting quickly, or lonely.

What did she do?

This is why she began the Small Business Group who meet virtually online every week. You can find that link on her site: www.adminandmore.co.uk

Elizabeth has had her fair share of struggles.  She realises many of her tips can be shared with people, so she and her team offer them to new start ups so that they can get the help they need. Developing a database or CRM system for example, as well as being supported with a V.A. from members of her team. She’s utilised government schemes too, enabling young people to work for her so that she develops their abilities.

What else does she think?

One of the tips she recommends is not to panic. It’s easy to do if you are short of funds or get stuck with pricing structures. It’s also important to build confidence as it’s easy to lose this when asked how much you want to charge. Or, you get criticised when something goes wrong. She particularly recognised how disabled people value the help they receive from her team and now works almost exclusively for people she recognises need her help

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