By | Published On: September 13, 2010 |

Photo by Thomas Borb on Unsplash

I’m always interested when someone becomes successful to learn about how they did it. Many well known people were prepared to wash up or do menial work in the process of climbing the ladder and wanting to stay persistently committed to their goals. I had a great experience last week attending a Duty Free Conference in Tallinn, Estonia. You may not see how the two are related, but the conference was a request to speak where I was unpaid. At first it tends to provoke a reaction about how much you’re worth and how would people value me, but what’s important is to weigh it up.

Weigh up the benefits vs the cons. In my case I was not being paid to speak, but the conference was an all expenses paid trip so what did I have to lose! In the end, the presentation was a bit of a tough job as many people at the back near the bar couldn’t hear the speakers so they chatted and drank which carried forward to us on the stage and gave the impression they didn’t want to know! None the less for my courage I was rewarded as Adele and I (my Nutritional Therapist colleague), spoke to 380 of them and many of them approached us to say thank you afterwards. Not only do they want what we had to say, but several of them want to meet us again and have asked us to come over and present to their teams so it was worth it.

So as food for thought; what challenges have you had to face in the pursuit of your success & what have you been prepared to do?