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Welcome to episode 118 with my guest Julian Roberts.

Julian is an Executive Leadership Coach with a background in commercial and sales.  He is passionate about people, resiliency, and business.  Julian has worked with a number of multinational corporations such as Heinz, Yoplait, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as for family-owned businesses

In 2017, Julian launched his coaching practice, working with individuals and teams from various industries, including food, FMCG, retail and medical. Julian’s focus is on helping leaders and teams become resilient.


So, what does this episode cover?

We started by discussing what resilience is. Julian believes is not just about how you overcome a problem, but how you navigate and learn from it. It’s more than just grit and determination.  You are not born with it but rather you grow and develop it.

When discussing team resilience, through his experience, Julian believes that purpose is essential to build this.  Having clarity over purpose enables a team to focus on the job and why it’s important. This helps teams to move forward and past whatever problems are experienced.  Withstanding challenges or adversity helps teams to grow stronger together in the face of them too.

Creating a psychologically safe environment is also important. Allowing creativity and innovative thinking within a team is essential.  If members feel encouraged by leaders to speak out about ideas or challenge them, they feel safe and valued within that team dynamic.  This is vital in facilitating a more motivated and resilient team.  A team that has the freedom to think innovatively will be far more successful when problem solving than one that is simply dictated to.  Difficulty often arises when leaders micro-manage.  This only serves to create a team that think and act in the same way as the leader!

We discussed why coaching can be important in building resilience too.  Julian referred  back to purpose because without this there would be no focus or drive to achieve. When you know your purpose and have clarity about what you want to achieve, you will be better motivated

You can find out more about how Julian works and the services he offers by visiting his website This is a really interesting episode and I know you will find it very interesting.  You can hear more of this podcast when it airs on Thursday.