By | Published On: November 23, 2010 |

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

If you’ve been watching this programme you’ll know that celebrities volunteer to go to Australia and take part in a series of trials where they are voted on and off the programme according to who is the most popular or not.The one who lasts through the trials and is ultimately voted the winner gets a pot of money for Charity.

At the moment we have a Nutritionist called Gillian McKeith on the programme and she is by most people’s standards, particularly unsuited to the concept. She hates everything, regularly screams, and the trials are frequently chosen for her to do because she’s so entertaining as she does them! The public are voting to keep her in the jungle, but surprisingly she’s had enough of being asked to do the trials!

Maybe she didn’t realise what it would be like to be in there or maybe she’s under-estimating her comic value, but it’s an interesting study of human behaviour that we are so fascinated by some one’s misfortunes and their complete distaste for everything as she has. What makes good TV used to be obvious, but as those of us who witness Wagner being chosen again and again on ‘X Factor’ yet he does not appear to be able to sing, guess that what sometimes ‘should’ happen in TV, just doesn’t! As the saying goes I guess ‘that’s show business!’.