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Welcome to episode 126 with Steve Martile

This episode of “The Executive Edge” features Steve, who used to be a mechanical engineer for 12-13 years and is now a life coach. He helps entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Steve wrote a book called “The Seven Day Manifestation Experiment.” He transitioned from being in mechanical engineering to life coaching because he had the “disease to please”. Steve struggled with multiple priorities from his supervisors, so he took personal development courses. These helped him and he discovered his love for coaching through the Landmark Education training program.

He became a coach and did it for free for a year. That’s when he quit his engineering job to start his coaching business and did contract work for three months. He got fired during the 2008 financial crisis and focused on building his coaching business.

What did he achieve?

His story is a great example of how the law of attraction can work in someone’s life. The law is based on the idea that your thoughts and emotions can have a direct impact on the events and circumstances that you experience in your life. He believes the more you focus on positive thoughts and emotions, the more positive experiences you’re likely to attract into your life. The same can be said of the other way around.

In his own life story, he was unhappy with his job as an engineer and wanted to find a job that made him happy. He started practicing the law of attraction by visualizing himself in a job that he loved and enjoyed.

He also mentioned an experiment he conducted with a client. He asked the client to focus on three things that they wanted to experience in the next seven days. The client chose the three things that were believable to them. By focusing on these and visualizing them as if they had already happened, the client was able to attract those experiences into their life. This happened within the next week.

It’s important to note that the law of attraction is not just about positive thinking or wishful thinking. This is about focusing on positive thoughts and emotions and acting on those. Thereby moving towards your goals. When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and you focus on it you’re more likely to attract the people, circumstances, and opportunities that help you achieve your goals.

Steve felt, and experienced, this for himself as well as his clients. So, he came on the programme to explain how he did it and how we can too. I discussed this with him but I’m also a firm believer that we can have a great deal more in our lives if we focus on the positive chance of it happening

I hope you find this episode as interesting to listen to as I found talking to him about it