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How to Sell without Selling

Welcome to episode 95 of my podcast The Executive Edge with Jeremy Miner.

Jeremy Miner is the Chairman of 7th Level, a Global Sales Training company that was ranked 1,232 of the fastest growing companies in the US by INC magazine in 2021. He is also the contributor for INC magazine and has featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine as well as many more.

Jeremy used his understanding of behavioural science and human psychology to develop his unique brand of sales training. We discuss the significance of rapport in selling. Jeremy explains his meaning of rapport is not as conventional as we see it. It is not just discussing ‘How is your day?’ or ‘How is the weather?’ because people tend to know this is disingenuous. In fact, this angle may trigger resistance and encourage clients to stay superficial with you. People buy not from people they like but from people they trust he feels. Building rapport is important. It’s done by learning to ask the right questions, triggering people to want to engage and view you as an expert or a trusted authority.

What else did we discuss?

We discussed other mistakes entrepreneurs, executives and people who own their own businesses, make. They can come across as too enthusiastic when they sell, he feels.  This means people jump into a solution too early in the conversation. The excitement about the sale should be kept to yourself. Jeremy suggests that the first 7-12 seconds of a sales interaction is a crucial time. It causes people to react and decide. If we come across as aggressive or needy, it triggers the other person to go into fight or flight mode. This means people try to get rid of you as a salesperson very fast and they try to get away.

When we come across as calmer, or more detached we learn more. This is known as disarming them. They let their guard down and feel that you may have something important to them.

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