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Exam time is very stressful for lots of young people of all ages and this collection of our blogs on the subject is meant to be helpful for you. As parents we understandably get concerned for our children and they in turn, experience a lot of pressure. The pressure to do well comes from both their expectations of themselves and the schools, teachers, and peers. It can sometimes get very overwhelming and tense.

Primary School Stress

Trying to do well in school starts from a young age. Children quickly pick up the pressure to perform and succeed so recognising how you can help them at this age, can really pay off.

Teenage Stress and how to help

By this age young people have developed a strong sense of who they are and what they’re capable of, which also makes them feel vulnerable. Confidence can be easily knocked so helping a young person feel good about themselves whilst also planning for exams, can really help them.

Handling the run up to exams

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This is when young people risk feeling very overwhelmed and struggle with compartmentalising their work from ho

me, and future success from current pressures.Everything can seem a demand including the way they are handled by parents and teachers. Helping them learn how to relax, adopt healthy revision habits and communicate their fears pays off at this stage.

Make self-care part of everyday life

At any stage in our lives it helps to adopt healthy habits that encourage regular routines and support our well being. These include how to decompress, relieve stress,and build resilience. This blog can help with some suggestions about how to do this.

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I have two team members who have helped me write this, both with Psychology backgrounds so I hope you will benefit and find it of value.


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