People Solutions

Every business has issues. Small to medium size business are often founded by entrepreneurs or families who then find the difficulties their staff experience, become more time consuming or problematic than they know how to deal with. Performance coaching can help with that. Businesses merging, separating, or acquiring other companies; value systems that clash, top Executives who don’t work well together, top teams who can’t achieve enough because they meet but don’t drive results in the business. These are all typical of issues I help tackle.

People need direction, guidance, advice, and tools. In my experience, changing people’s lives because the business needs to do something differently, is a difficult thing to do even if you believe it will be for the better. Selling that to them and getting them motivated to come on board needs tools – it’s finding the right tool that matters and when you do, it’s the use of that tool that gets them to manage their issues or situation better.

Here is a business I completed this work with – StrategiQ are a great branding agency based in Ipswich: –

Their blog on my work is here:

My sessions with Sue have been extremely beneficial – she has helped me work through stuff that I have been dealing with for a long time, and I am very grateful for the time I am able to have with her. Not many employers would invest in something like this – and I am glad that StrategiQ has.


Situations I can help with: 

  • Have you a business that has merged?
  • Are you a member of the same family but you want to split apart to achieve your own individual potential?
  • Do you have a Top team who aren’t transparent enough with each other, so they take feedback as criticism, don’t give direct feedback to each other, or monitor each other’s accountability?
  • Have you a team that carries poor performers because it is too uncomfortable to sort the issue?
  • Are you a business that could achieve more but you just can’t get your people to step up and sell more, or achieve what you want?

What I’ve achieved:

  • I’ve helped people who were promoted and they’re not doing the job the way you hoped they’d do
  • I’ve supported people who aren’t reaching their full potential
  • I’ve altered work practices to suit a business better so that communication improves, and people are more engaged
  • I’ve mentored and coached, advised and guided, trained and taught
  • I’ve supported individuals going through divorce whose absence costs you both in lost productivity and morale and those you really value who’ve lost their mojo, focus or direction so they can’t work out what to do

If nothing changes for you or the business,  the outcome is often simple: more of the same, or worse and the business slows down, people leave, or they become critical and complain. Disengaged and demotivated people are hard work! 

Negativity burns a business from inside-out.

The process begins with a 1:1. We chat and work out what the issues are. If you want to leave it at that, it’s fine as you will have walked away with a personal action plan or for your team. But if not, the real value is often in the in-house work I do. Take a look at this testimonial from StrategiQ who I work with in Ipswich

Such is the impact that Sue had on both myself and the team at our strategy day, we have now employed her on a part-time basis to provide confidential support to individual employees, as and when required. While it may sound like something only a corporate company would do, I truly believe it’s a worthwhile investment for any CEO who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of their employees”

Andy Smith, CEO 

You may think

 ‘will it be worth it?’

  but I ask…………………..

 “Can you afford not to?”


 Another example of my work is for Smith Eliot. Stephen Smith is their Managing Director. Here are his thoughts below: 


“As a business although successful, we had become a little stuck, there were a few barriers and issues we were dealing with, but we were keen to move forward and improve. After just one meeting with Sue, things seemed clearer and much easier to tackle. Sue set us some simple tasks to complete, which Stephen and I completed together – straight away, we knew just what we needed to do. The second 121 formalised some of our ideas, redefined our structure and started to look at the strengths of our team. There is still more work to be done, but we know that we are in safe hands and that we have moved forward significantly in just 3 months.

If you have not worked with a Business Psychologist before, (we hadn’t), It is invaluable to work with someone who really gets you and what you want to achieve, an honest sounding board with years of experience in business working with people at board level with the skills to cut through the detail to see the clear way forward.

I would recommend anyone who is in business and wants to step up a gear, (whether as an individual or a business owner with a team), to have a meeting with Sue so that you can get there quicker”


Managing Director, Stephen Smith LLB (Hons) Dip PFS