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This week’s guest is Dr Benjamin Ritter, founder of Live for Yourself Consulting.

On the show, Ben discusses how people who’ve experienced a level of professional success but don’t feel personally fulfilled or successful may be being held back by fear.

Like Ben says, some people can be completely fearless in their personal life but don’t have the confidence to speak up at work. Even if they are confident about their knowledge and skills and have done well professionally, they may feel personally unsuccessful and unfulfilled.

Ben’s approach is to ask those who are struggling, feeling stuck, unsuccessful and unhappy with their career to look at their life and everything around them and try to identify one thing that isn’t working.

Then he recommends that they change one thing.

It might be saying “no” to something, visualising what you feel, sharing your feelings with others or working with a mentor or coach.

As Ben says on the show, “We have to disconnect from the beliefs that are holding us back … We need to break out of traditional mindsets.”

Instead of being reactive, Ben says we need to be fearless and proactive, adopting a mindset that puts personal growth at the forefront.

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Dr Benjamin Ritter Being Fearless

Ben’s book “Becoming Fearless: Journey from Self-Doubt to Self-Mastery” launches in September 2024. To find out more, visit his website and join the mailing list for updates about the upcoming release.