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Welcome to episode 131 with Yaron Been

Yaron is a growth coach and consultant with a background in ecommerce.

He and his wife started an ecommerce business after traveling in Southeast Asia and realizing they wanted to find a way to make money online.

He worked as a media buyer and spent around a million dollars a month on Facebook ads. Yaron’s ecommerce store sold over $4 million worth of products and was primarily based in the UK.

He now provides growth consulting and coaching to established ecommerce businesses, focusing on improving conversion rates and average order value. He initially had doubts about the profitability of online businesses and considered them as mere guru-sold concepts until a childhood friend showed them a screenshot of a successful Shopify store.

Due to the saturation of the drop shipping market, Yaron advises beginners against starting a store without prior marketing or e-commerce knowledge. He instead recommends working with well-established businesses as an employee to gain sufficient knowledge.

How does he feel we should be developing our businesses?

He also touches on the misconception that ecommerce is limited to physical products and highlights the potential for selling services, such as coaching time and online courses, as part of an ecommerce store.

When working with businesses, he emphasizes the importance of analysing various aspects of the business, such as Google Analytics, customer feedback, social media interactions, and retention rates. Understanding the context of each individual business is also crucial, as what works for one store may not work for another.

Yaron focusses on assessing the current situation and prioritizing initiatives that can have a significant impact, rather than trying to tackle everything at once. One common error for example, is that ecommerce store owners, especially small ones, lack focus on their customer experience and the need to over-deliver.

He feels over-delivering is essential in running a successful business and emphasizes the importance of lifetime customer value and referral market

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