• The Art of Being a Woman in Business and a Mother

    #121 More than the home helper

  • Step up – How women can unlock the leader within

    #105 Eradicating the gender gap in the corporate world

  • How to be more visible in your career

    #93 Sue Barber discusses how leaders can be more visible in their careers

  • Achievement, Success and why that’s sometimes not enough!

    #82 An interview with executive and career-life coach Randi Roberts

  • How to Hold Successful Meetings in Business with Caterina Kostoula

    #35. Caterina runs a business called www.theleaderpath.com and has written a book called ‘Hold Successful Meetings’...

  • Running a Charity like a Business – an interview with Caroline Boudreaux

    #27. Caroline Boudreaux runs a business called The Miracle Foundation.

  • The secret to promoting yourself in Life and Business, with Deborah Turner

    Deborah Turner and I first met when I was a speaker at one of her Breakthrough Women events last year. She has a strong drive to encourage women...

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Being a Woman. Tips for success with Maggie Semple

    I asked Maggie on to the podcast because she has diverse interests and is a very successful business woman. She has an OBE and runs 2 businesses.